Acting is about identifying your objective and taking action to achieve it. It's about making strong choices to overcome obstacles.

Acting is about life. Learning and practicing the core principles of the craft in a supportive, rigorous environment helps you grow as an actor and as a person. Building the acting muscle means honing your analytical skills so that you can identify key elements of a script. It means listening to your scene partner, staying present in the moment, opening up your body and your voice and making smart choices while keeping a laser focus on your objective.

The Acting Muscle is a place for actors of all levels to work toward their goals.

Whether you have your sights set on a career in New York, L.A. or London, or you're ready to make your mark in Berlin, we equip you with the tools you need for the journey and provide a supportive artistic community to call home. Our Core Technique gives you the edge you need to make your first leap onto local stages. Advanced Technique prepares experienced actors for international stages and screens, and for performances with our Scene Study Ensemble. All classes are conducted in English. International students are invited and encouraged to participate, whether to prepare for acting opportunities in English-speaking markets, build their muscle by pushing against a language barrier, or familiarize themselves with an American approach to acting. 

There are plenty of courses out there charging insane amounts of money for a one or two day workshop, and I doubt that they have a fraction of what you get in these classes. Namely, experience working intensively with other actors on real scenes, doing real work.
— Monique Amado, Actor and Screenwriterr

Core technique: Discover your acting musclE

This class is for students who have tried acting, or thought about it, and are ready to dive in with both feet. It's also for people who believe that learning acting technique makes you a more confident, effective decision maker. Exercises and scene study will activate your emotional and physical capacity to interpret dramatic texts.

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performance ensemble: use your acting muscle

This course gives actors an opportunity to develop a thematically integrated performance based on works from contemporary American theater and original devised text. The intensive collaborative process challenges you to explore and deepen your technique, broaden your expressive range, work through creative obstacles, and embrace the ensemble dynamic by contributing meaningfully to a shared goal.

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advanced technique: develop your acting musclE

For experienced actors ready to make the leap onto professional stages and screens, this class deepens your analytical and interpretive skills through intensive scene study. Exploration of  advanced vocal production and physical characterization techniques will build your capacity to fully embody your intellectual and imaginative discoveries. 

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talk like you mean it

If part of your job is sharing your organization's story with internal teams, clients or a broader professional community, you know how important it is to speak with authority, poise and confidence. At the same time, you want to relate to people like a normal human being. Our private coaching draws on acting techniques to help you refine your message and connect more effectively with your audience.  

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