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Talk Like You Mean It

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€50/Hr. for private coaching, sliding scale for group workshops
Coaching & private workshops conducted in English, german and french

If part of your job is sharing your organization's story with internal teams, clients or a broader professional community, you know how important it is to speak with authority, poise and confidence. At the same time, you want to relate to people like a normal human being. But something strange happens when we humans get in front of large groups of other humans, no matter how passionate we are about our message. Knees get wobbly, mouths get dry, palms get sweaty and the words just don't come out the way we want them to. The good news is that even seasoned performers encounter these problems, and we've developed tools to overcome them. The bad news is that reckoning with your nerves is just the beginning. There's an unfortunate misconception that "effective" public speaking is about selling yourself and what a winner you are. This can quickly get boring. Instead of stamping out our nerves, you will learn to embrace them, and talk more from the heart and less from mental strategy.

The creative and dynamic approach enabled me to turn my public speaking anxiousness into an excitement and passion. This unique experience has definitely boosted my confidence, inspired me and prepared me for future challenges.
— Marianna Paszkowska, Monotype

Once you've made friends with your nervous system, you can focus on connecting with your audience without seeming slick or rehearsed. The speakers we enjoy listening to are the ones who aren't over-performing or under-performing. We like being in the presence of somebody who is comfortably him or herself (flaws and all), and passionate about what they have to share. Understanding the power of storytelling, identifying what you want your audience to do when they hear you speak and learning how to modulate your voice, articulation and physicality will unlock clarity, spontaneity and passion in your public speaking.

Whether you need one-on-one coaching or you want The Acting Muscle to come to your office for a team workshop, we can help you and your organization’s storytelling and communication shine. Get in touch to learn more.

I give regular talks about type design at conferences and events, but I tend to push and strain my voice when I’m nervous. Since I started using techniques that Adam showed me to prepare before speaking, I’m more relaxed on stage, my voice is stronger and steadier, and I’m able to find more color and variety in my intonation.
— Ulrike Rausch, LiebeFonts

The Acting Muscle is a project of Radish Lab, an award-winning interactive agency that focuses on communications and design for social impact projects. If you work for an organization trying to change the world for the better, we can help you tell your story. From communications and strategy workshops, to campaign branding and design, to putting together the perfect presentation, we'll get you and your team aligned around key narratives, and give you the tools you need to make your voice heard.