winter 2019

The Workout: Voice, Speech and Movement for Performers

Level: open to students of all levels
schedule: to be announced in november (TWO-evening WORKSHOP)
fee: €75

Emotional, creative and analytical skills fuel an actor’s dramatic interpretation, but physical technique is the engine of performance. This two-day workshop gives you a set of tools and practices for developing range and articulation in your vocal instrument and specificity and ease in your physical characterizations. Voice work is based on techniques that exercise resonating areas of the body to develop the full and free expressive capacity of your vocal instrument. Speech work focuses on how the mouth, lips and tongue produce sounds that help illuminate style, tone and meaning in language. Movement work encourages you to explore how you relate to the space around you, to other actors and to your own body, enabling you to connect kinetically to language and fully inhabit a physical characterization. Throughout the course, we'll explore breath as the unifying force that supports voice, speech, and movement.

We'll begin with a thorough physical relaxation and warmup routine, focusing on the energetic centers of the body. As we move through and relate to the space and to one another, we'll explore how the voice activates vibrations in the body, and how these vibrations carry meaning and emotion. Working with text that you choose, we will explore the importance of operative words and how they activate meaning in a story or script. We'll navigate rhetorical devices such as alliteration, assonance and onomatopoeia, and dig into how people connect their thoughts and impulses to words in everyday life. You'll learn how the rhythms of a storyteller or character may be different from your own, and how to assimilate those rhythms into your voice, speech patterns and physicality. We'll draw on the fundamentals of script analysis to understand how triggers in a line of text ignite the impulse to speak, and how your voice and body transform these impulses into action and story.

Instructor: Adam Ludwig

The course will be conducted in English. Students are encouraged to contribute ideas or ask questions in German or French.