winter 2020

Scene Study Ensemble: Flex Your Acting Muscle

Level: students who have completed Advanced technique
location: Wilhelmine-gemberg-weg 12, Berlin-Mitte
FEE: €300

The Scene Study Ensemble offers actors who have completed Advanced Technique an intensive, rehearsal-like setting to refine a repertoire of scenes and prepare for public performance. At this level, you are expected to arrive having independently explored the plays from which your scenes are drawn using the tools of script analysis and your own imagination. You should know the plays backwards and forwards, having mined the script for clues about who your character is, what they want and how they relate to other characters in the play. You should be prepared to break your scenes down into beats and identify the actions you are playing in each beat.

It goes without saying that you will know your character’s super-objective in the play, as well as his or her objective in the scene you are rehearsing. You will be ready to start building, both independently and in class, the physical universe of the play and how you relate to it, and refining your character’s vocal quality and physicality. In short, you will embody a professional actor coming into a rehearsal process prepared to contribute informed analysis, ingenuity, a spirt of play and an understanding of how to support and grow the ensemble to which you now belong.

The value is far beyond the cost of the course. You are getting serious time and attention to developing as an actor and as a human being. There are plenty of courses out there charging insane amounts of money for a one or two day workshop, and I doubt that they have a fraction of what you get in these classes. Namely, experience working intensively with other actors on real scenes, doing real work.
— Monique Amado, Actor and Screenwriter

The course is structured as a series of eight rehearsals that culminate in a public performance with an invited audience. Each ensemble consists of 4-8 actors, and you will perform in a minimum of 2 scenes. You should expect to work at least 2 hours per week outside of class, and it is imperative that you attend all classes, or notify the instructor of any planned absences before the course begins.

Instructor: Adam Ludwig.

The course will be conducted in English. Students are encouraged to contribute ideas or ask questions in German or French. Copies of readings, assigned scenes, and plays will be provided.