winter 2019

Advanced Technique: Define Your Acting Muscle

Level: experienced actors + students who have completed core level
SCHEDULE: to be announced in november (one evening per week for 8 weeks)
FEE: €250

The advanced level course deepens your ability to find clues in a script that help you understand character and objective, identify obstacles and play actions that bring dramatic conflict to life. At the same time, you will begin to explore the possibilities of characterization, including how internal obstacles influence your physical and vocal choices. Working on scenes from modern American plays, you will continue to hone your analytical and interpretive skills while exploring possibilities of tone and style by tackling comedy and heightened language. Intensive collaboration and feedback will reinforce your ability to intuitively navigate a dramatic text while making grounded, compelling acting choices. Exploration of vocal production, physical characterization and spacial awareness will build your capacity to fully embody your intellectual and imaginative discoveries. You will be encouraged to explore and expand your emotional availability, your trust in the ensemble and the range of your ingenuity.

One of the aims of the course is to prepare actors to make bold, grounded choices in a rehearsal-like setting, where you have to respond to and incorporate feedback. Initially, scenes will be broken down into beats, or units of action. By the final class, you will be able to run through an entire scene without interruption, discuss directorial notes and then incorporate them into subsequent performances. This approach is designed to prepare you for the Scene Study Ensemble level. To allow actors to work intensively in every class, the course is limited to 3-5 students, and each actor will work on two scenes.

Having felt so inspired and reconnected by the Core course, I went on to the Advanced Technique course, where the scene and character study was even more intensive and focused, bringing out powerful performances from each of us. One of my favorite things about these courses is that they are kept to small groups at a time so that each of us received time and attention to work on developing our characters and thoroughly examining the plays our scenes were drawn from.
— Monique Amado, Actor and Screenwriter

Specific exercises and activities will include:
-Advanced voice, speech and movement technique leading to development of a rigorous, personalized warmup routine.
-Intensive exercises to deepen physical and vocal characterization.
-Spacial exploration that establishes and deepens the physical universe of the play.
-Paired work on scripted scenes from modern American plays. 
-Rigorous application of script analysis to break down scenes.
-Individualized feedback to strengthen performance skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

You should expect to work at least two hours per week outside of class on readings and assigned scenes. Because attendance at all sessions is essential for partner work and the spirit of ensemble, we offer a 20% discount on your next course at The Acting Muscle if you attend every class.

Instructor: Adam Ludwig.

The course will be conducted in English. Students are encouraged to contribute ideas or ask questions in German or French. Copies of readings, assigned scenes, and plays will be provided.