core technique: discover your acting muscle

Winter 2019 (starts january)

This course is for students who have tried acting, or thought about it, and are ready to give it a serious go. It's also for people who believe that learning acting technique makes you a more confident, effective decision maker. You will learn by doing, warming up with games and exercises that get you out of your head and into your body, while activating your emotional and physical capacity to interpret dramatic texts. An introduction to the fundamentals of text analysis enables you to understand the mechanics of a script and identify its key elements. Techniques for loosening up body, voice and imagination help you bring full expression to your performance, while monologue and scene work strengthens your ability to integrate feedback, learn from your colleagues and contribute to an ensemble.

advanced technique: define your acting muscle

wednesdays 19:00 - 21:00, Jan. 23 - March 13
8-week course: €250

For experienced actors ready to make the leap onto professional stages and screens, this class deepens your analytical and interpretive skills through intensive scene study. Collaboration and feedback will further strengthen your ability to intuitively navigate a dramatic text while making grounded, compelling acting choices. Exploration of  advanced vocal production, articulation and physical characterization techniques will develop your capacity to fully embody your analytical and imaginative discoveries. You will be encouraged to explore and expand your emotional availability, your trust in the ensemble and the range of your ingenuity.

Scene Study Ensemble: flex Your acting muscle

winter 2019 (Starts january)
8-week course: €250

The Scene Study Ensemble offer actors who have completed Advanced Technique an intensive, rehearsal-like setting to refine a repertoire of scenes and prepare for public performance. At this level, you are expected to arrive having independently explored the plays from which your scenes are drawn using the tools of script analysis and your own ingenuity. You will be ready to start creating, both independently and in class, the physical universe of the play and how you relate to it, along with your character’s vocal quality and physicality. The course is structured as a series of eight rehearsals that culminate in a public performance at a theater with an invited audience.

the workout: voice, speech, and movement for actors

winter 2019 (starts january)
two-day workshop: €100

This course provides actors with a set of tools and practices for developing range and articulation in their vocal instrument and fluidity and specificity in their physical characterizations. Voice work is based on techniques that locate the resonating areas in the body and build their full and free expressive capacity. Speech work focuses on how the mouth, lips and tongue produce sounds that help illuminate the style, tone and meaning of a text. Movement work encourages actors to understand how they relate to the space around them, to other actors and to their own bodies, enabling them to create and fully inhabit physical characterization.

talk like you mean it

Private and Group Lessons
Fees: €50/Hr. for private coaching; sliding scale for group workshops

If part of your job is sharing your organization's story with internal teams, clients or your professional community, you know how important it is to speak with authority, poise and confidence. But something strange happens when humans get in front of large groups of other humans, no matter how passionate we are about our message. Knees get wobbly, mouths get dry, palms get sweaty and the words just don't come out the way we want them to. The good news is that even seasoned performers encounter these problems, and we've developed tools to overcome them.